• Logistics and maritime transport (LCL consolidated cargoes and full FCL containers from and to the entire world).
  • Logistics and international air transport for all kind of cargoes.
  • Logistics and land transport of cargoes either domestics as international.
  • Service of custom broker in main ports and airports. National coverage in Arica, Iquique, Antofagasta, Valparaiso, San Antonio, Santiago, Lirquen, San Vicente, Angamos, Puerto Montt, Punta Arenas.
  • Excellent handling and personal advicing in INCOTERMS.
  • Suggestion: Use *FOB terms*
  • International cargo insurance with full coverage until our customers warehouses.
  • Comprehensive advice in foreign trade.
  • Trader / Dealer service for the search of products / shipper in Asia.
  • Factory supervision and purchase advice in China.
  • Simulation of the full cost of the import prior to shipment.
  • Communication and close coordination with the supplier / exporter.
  • On-line cargo tracking.

¿Why choose Latam Logistics?

We provide a comprehensive service of excellence in foreign trade, based on your safety and tranquility, ensuring the successful conclusion of the process, from the begining to final delivery, being your best ally in this international business.

“We achieve that our costumers invests their time in business, not in procedures, enhancing their commercial and investment opportunities.”

Comparative Advantages

  • Customized services 24/7
  • Daily feedback with shipper
  • Innovation in foreign trade. Cargo tracking On Line
  • Response capacity, efficiency and speedy answer
  • Simulation of full import cost prior to shipment
  • Door to door service (dtd service)
  • Wide expertise in logistics

Competitive Advantages

  • Services only with first class airlines and shipping companies
  • Service of clearance and documentation in both ends, origen and destination
  • We check every step of the logistic chain
  • Best alternatives of departures of aircrafts and vessel for all cargoes LCL and FCL
  • Services of custom broker, insurance and transportation until your warehouses
  • Excellent rates considering price-time